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The MCU Just Introduced the First LGBTQ Superhero

If you have not watched the latest episode of WandaVision and you don’t want spoilers please turn away and leave this page.

In the latest episode of WandaVision (ep3) Wanda gives birth to twins. Wanda has always had reality warping abilities and in this show it seems she has created her own reality where she lives the perfect life with Vision who is dead as of Avengers Endgame, and even gave birth to 2 twins.

In the comics those twins are Wiccan and Speed who mimic Wanda and her brother Peter. Wiccan is a badass chaos magic wielder like his mom and Speed is a speedster like his uncle Quicksilver. Now the babies are still babies and there is not certainty that the MCU is following the comics but Kevin Feige has said that they are preparing for the young avengers.

In the comics, the first version of the Young Avengers consist of Wiccan, Speed (Wanda’s twin boys), Cassie Lang (antman’s daughter), Teddy (son of a Kree and Skrull), Kate Bishop (hawkeye) and Eli (Patriot). In a way the MCU has already introduced most of the team. Wiccan ends up being Queer and marries Hulking (Teddy)

So if WandaVision is to be believed, her twin boys and Young Avengers are already here and it’s just a matter of seeing how the show will end and will they be full grown heroes after WandaVision. .. and if all goes well, in the near future we will get a young avengers film and get to see Billy marry Wiccan. What do you think of WandaVision?

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