Whedon en-Visioned Marvel icon with a penis

As the new hit Disney Plus show WandaVision continues to excite fans of the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU), viewers are getting more exposed to actor Paul Bettany, who portrays Vision, first seen on the big screen in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Perhaps even more mind blowing than the yellow gemstone engrained in Vision’s forehead is what director Joss Whedon planned for the powerful character. “He was like, ‘he’s got to have a penis,’” Bettany told Lights, Camera, Barstool in an interview. “I want to see some drawings of penises.”

Bettany said Whedon received pushback on the idea, but the director remained insistent on his vision of Vision. Whedon’s ‘penis plan’ called for the superhero to be anatomically correct (despite not being human) when he’s first born – or rather, created. Upon being presented with the sketches, Bettany (imitating Whedon) said, “Yeah, I’m 100 percent wrong. I don’t need to see any of these.”

The discussion of the bizarre topic quickly turned to others, but not before Bettany jokingly told of his own idea concerning what Vision’s penis might look like – possibly a purple one that can change density at a whim. It would be quite the superpower indeed.

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