In Trash News: Gay Campground Bans Trans Men

I’m so tired of these transphobic, racist gay men in our LGBTQ community.

Camp Boomerang, an upcoming “gay” campground in Michigan. For some reason the transphobic owner decided to come out with a statement specifically stating trans men and anyone with out a penis would not be allowed on the campground. Read his statement below.

One Twitter user @TrueWordsRSpoke said

What they are not willing to say is this is a private rv/camp area that will be heavily promoting sex between gay men and transgender individuals will ruin the bathhouse vibe we are establishing!

The statement cause alot of backlash from it’s own community with members pushing back on the penis checks.

Transcend The Binary Executive Director Brayden Misiolek spoke with PrideSource about Camp Boomerang’s policy.

“Any type of policy that would require someone to prove their gender identity is counterproductive to advancing LGBTQ rights and divides our community,” …. “As someone who lives with dysphoria, this news is very dehumanizing. Any kind of discriminatory policies like this erase us as a community. It invalidates our lived experiences and perpetuates narratives of illegitimacy, which can and does lead to harm for trans and non-binary people.”

Sadly transphobia is alive and well in the Gay Community and Camp Boomerang isn’t the only campground with transphobic policies. So when you see transphobia call it out and remember trans men are men!

Written by Alex

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